SELG & Associates, Inc.


About Us

SELG & Associates, Inc. is a manufacturers' representative firm specializing in Industrial Water, Wastewater, and Air Scrubbing Equipment.

Biological Systems  &  Aerators
Bolted Steel Storage Tanks & Aluminum Domes
Channel and Drum Screens
Clarifiers and Thickeners
Dewatering Equipment
Dissolved Air Flotation
Filter Presses
Ion Exchange Systems
Membrane Systems
Methane Storage and Reuse
Oil Water Separators
Ozone and Advanced Oxidation
Sand and Multimedia Filters
Turn-Key Wastewater Facilities
Wet Air Scrubbers

Receive upfront support for developing projects as well as
troubleshooting, rebuilds, and upgrades within existing treatment facilities. 


Primozone - Ozone Treatment Systems

     3 to 2000 Pounds per Day